Your Why — Destiny: Chance or Choice?

Direction is vital, not important for Life. It just provides the person with inner wholeness and peace, just because they understand where they are going. Every time you walk out of your front door, you know where you are going — for a stroll, walk, jog, shop, work, holiday destination.

In the same context, there is a plan to build anything- a home, station condominium, hotel. In all those constructions there are reams of architectural drawings made for a structure to stand upright. In all the sessions that I conduct, I ask my participants, show me your plan for your life, show me your purpose, why are you here on this earth. They look perplexed and bewildered. Some go to the extent of saying — What? Their glazed look says it all.

Fulfilment is a right, not a privilege. This is what most human beings long for, that happiness and contentment

To find Fulfillment you need to understand exactly, Why, you do what you do. Once you understand your Why, you are able to articulate what makes you fulfilled and better understand what drives your behaviour when you are at your natural best. This will allow you to make definitive choices for your Life, Career and Business. Thereby being that person of Influence that can inspire others to buy from you, work with you and support you in your causes.

Finding the right direction in Life is an existential problem for all of us. A Life without Purpose is a Life without a destination. The purpose of Life is a Life of Purpose. When you commit to living a life with a purpose, amazing things happen.

Viktor E. Frankl, a prisoner from the Nazi concentration Camps, author of the book “Man’s search for Meaning” put it succinctly, “Those who have a Why to Live can bear any How.” With all the agony and brutality whilst in the concentration camps, what kept Frankl from giving up his relentless fight for his life was his purpose –“the will to live” He found meaning in his struggle and that is what gave him the power to push forward through unimaginable pain.

The first book is “I eXceL — Wired for Success” — Personal Excellence Blueprint.

David deep dives into his second book Your Why — The Driver. Destiny — Choice, or Chance.

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David Nair



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David Nair

David Nair

Mentor| Author of the book “IeXceL”| Life Coach| Corporate Strategist| Speaker| Peak Performance Strategist | Youtuber | Podcaster | Blogger