The Power in Our Thoughts

David Nair
3 min readApr 24, 2024


Sixty Thousand Thoughts float in and out of our Mind daily.

Image In — 60000 cars driving into your driveway, or entering your gated community that you live in. What would the entrance be like? Would the watch person at the entrance be able to cope with that flow of traffic, would the flow be smooth and non-chaotic, or would it be just bedlam?

A similar question is asked, who is that gatekeeper, allowing those thoughts to meander in and out of our mind.

How strong is that Gatekeeper to stop the unwanted and allow the wanted thoughts in?

  • What are the thoughts that we need to filter?
  • What is the filtration process that we go through?
  • How regularly do we need this filtration process to be in place?
  • How do we filter it?
  • Ever thought of any of the above?????

Friends, our thoughts affect our lives to a greater degree than we ever imagined. Hence, we need to consciously be aware of the dos and don’ts to ensure this hub of the nerve center is well protected and insulated to weather any storm that might come past.

Sit down for a moment and reflect on the importance of thoughts in your life. As mentioned, earlier sixty thousand thoughts float in and out.

Man through the industrial age, created roundabouts to manage the flow of vehicles through an intersection. Picture four roads coming to a point, and you have about 50 vehicles per road flowing into that intersection. There will be a chaos. In some cases, an accident or two might happen. So, the solution man found was to create a roundabout to allow for a smooth flow in and out of that intersection with ease.

Now the same is happening in our mind with 60000 thoughts. Traffic Jams everywhere, heated shout-outs from one thought to another to sheer bedlam, chaotic, hence a buildup of anxiety, tension, anger an endless list of disempowering thoughts. The impact to the person. the levels of our DOSE flow thereby creating a disease that we never ever envisaged we will face,

Solution, create a roundabout in our brain, alternatively control the flow of that traffic with a powerful Gatekeeper.

How do we master this pattern of self-control of our thoughts? Simply put practice, practice, practice & never-ending practice. till this skill is under your belt.

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