Mother’s advice — The power of Association

How many of us recall when we were kids, our mums would encourage us to connect, go play with certain kids and frown on us playing with other kids, she was our filter, our selection screen so to speak. We never understood Why? Many years down the road we understand what our mum was doing and the impact it could and did have on our future. This topic is very close to us at IXL Incorporated, what we talk about in a segment called Obsessed learning — “follow your mother's advise” — Your Associative power (Recall it).

Jim Rohn, mentor to many of the top motivational speakers and Self-Help authors including Tony Robbins speaks about association power and classifies it into three major categories.

Many would have heard, Jim Rohn says, you become an average of the five people you associate with most. The people we spend our time with determining what conversations dominate our attention, and what observations, attitudes and opinions we repetitively are introduced to. It’s frightening to note, that the less than inspired seem to be able to attract more than the high achievers.

How often have we observed people at work, people at home, part/flexi-time employees — like-minded gets drawn to like-minded. What they do with their time, in most cases the less empowered seems to be the draw cart to the others, as it is easier and more comfortable to move downwards than to stretch, unless the empowered is strong-willed and powered with strong unfaltering self-discipline to stay empowered rather than be drawdown.

Spend your time with a team of high-achievers and you’ll be inspired to stretch for your next accomplishment, be it in your business, finances or personal agenda. On the converse, hang out with people who are “less than inspired” and you could quickly find yourself stagnant.

Evaluate and shift your associations into 3 categories, and you decide what you would like to do with those disempowering associates.

1. Disassociation

There are some people you might need to break away from completely — these are negative, toxic people who infect you with their bad attitude, and their idle gossip. People with no purpose — just exist. It’s difficult to ignore someone and their negative influences but doing so will put YOU in control of deciding the quality of life you want to have. Then surround yourself with the people who represent and support that vision.

2. Limited Associations

There are some people who you can spend three hours with, but not three days. Others you can spend three minutes with, but not three hours. Decide how much you can “afford” to be influenced, based on how those people represent themselves.

3. Expanded Associations

Whatever area of your life you want to see improvement in, find someone who represents the success you want, the skills you want, the lifestyle you want, and spend more time with those people. Join organizations, clubs, businesses, and health clubs where these people are and make friends. “Always remember you are the sum total of your associative power.”

Decide who of your friends are the best influences and make more time for them; it’s an investment of time that will prove profitable.

Have a wonderful Life

Cheers, David Nair.



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David Nair

David Nair

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