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David Nair
4 min readJul 9, 2022

In everything that we do, ask yourself, what are we really doing it for? What is the bottom-line goal, in our pursuit of Life?

Many would call out:

I want to Travel,

I want a Car,

I want a Home,

I want further Education,

I want to put aside for my kid’s education?

I want to pay the bills on time.

For some, I want Happiness and for others, I want Fulfillment & Happiness.

The Dalai Lama succinctly phrased what is the bottom line in pursuit of one’s life.

“The Purpose of our Life is to Be Happy” — Dalai Lama

Every single one of us is entitled to feel fulfilled, contented and elated by the work we do.

We need to feel inspired to go to work, to feel safe, uplifted and empowered when we are there and to return home feeling contented, fulfilled, and happy that we had contributed to something larger than ourselves.

This contentment, fulfilment or happiness is not a gift bestowed to a few, it is not reserved for an elite group based on their birth, caste, race, or religion. Instead, it is available for every one of us.

My search for Purpose was a deeply personal journey born out of pain. This came to me multiple times in various forms when I was climbing the corporate ladder to being the VP of an Oil & Gas US Corporation.

The advice to find my Purpose came from various friends, associates, colleagues, and peers. Their suggestion was “David do what you love most? By doing that you will find your Bliss, and be passionate in what you do” Yes, that was good advice, but no, they were not practical and enforceable from my perspective. Hence my Mondays going to work were still the same, with no change internally.

The thought and feeling of, “Oh My God, got to go to work.” Nothing to create that WOW factor. I resorted to asking this question. Is this what Life is all about?

This question would constantly plague me until I sought guidance from a few Influencers to look at it from a different perspective. I followed their advice and in time was able to crystalize that purpose.

I have been working and living it for the last 3 decades and sharing this process with my community of Trainees, Coachers and Mentees.

The prime drive with my followers is to ensure work is done in establishing a person’s Definite Major Purpose. This will provide them, with clarity on where the person is heading in life, what activities they should focus on, and to what intensity should they drive that activity.

I was fortunate enough to work with a Master Mind of Coachers & Speakers from India, South Africa and UAE who were hungry in search of their Purpose. Hence the birth of this book.

A collaborative work of thirty Coachers & Speakers who pulled together what they did in arriving at their purpose. They each have a chapter in this book of their journey.

This is an open book disclosure of that journey.

They have outlined the challenges they had encountered through that journey, what pit holes to look out for, and their ultimate outcome defining THEIR PURPOSE and a roadmap to journey through their Life.

Their life is so enriched that they have collectively decided to contribute all proceeds from the sale of this book to a nominated Charity.

I am honoured in having the privilege of working with this memorable team, and it is uplifting to see the growth in each of them — how much they stretched for this objective.

Thank You Mental Resilience Mastery (MRM) Team.



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